Did you know that research has proven that alkaline water is one of the best options for drinking water today? If you’re looking for the best quality drinking water infused with lots of health benefits, maybe it’s time to switch to alkaline water.

However, if you think that you can only consume alkaline water from the supermarket, worry not. Why buy expensive bottled alkaline water when you can easily make your own? Thanks to alkaline water filters, going alkaline has never been this easy.

First, what is alkaline water?

Knowing what alkaline water is and what it does to your body is  vital first step toward understanding how an alkaline water filter works.

To start, alkaline water has a higher pH level of 7.5 to 8.5. This is a lot higher compared to normal tap water whose minimum pH level falls at 4.3. Healthier, tastier, and cleaner than plain drinking water, alkaline water offers a “softer” texture while also offering essential nutrients and pH levels that can help balance the body’s acidic chemistry.

Although alkaline water originally appears in natural springs which makes it infused with lots of helpful nutrients and minerals as they flow, science has opened doors for a more intentional production of alkaline water. This makes alkaline water readily accessible anytime, anywhere.

And with all the good things said and proven about alkaline water, who doesn’t want to have their own? Thankfully, you can easily achieve this with an alkaline water filter. 

What is an alkaline water filter?

Before delving deeper into the science behind the alkaline water filter, it’s important to know what an alkaline water filter is. Well, an alkaline water filter works just as its name suggests - to eliminate potentially dangerous contaminants such as bacteria, chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, microplastics, and other natural electrolytes essential for sustaining life.

What does it filter?

Water is naturally filtered several times through sand, soil, and mineral deposits before being exposed to the sun and other elements. These elements remove harmful toxins and collect minerals to produce pure mineral water.

What is removed from water by standard filtration? The answer is frequently a combination of the bad and the good. This results in clean but sterile water devoid of electrolyte minerals or hydrating properties.

The majority of tap and bottled water is filtered through water treatment systems to remove contaminants such as heavy metals, dirt, silt, sand, and sediment. There is also an increase in microplastics in tap water, which must be properly filtered.

To varying degrees, popular jug water filters, tap-mounted, under-sink, and benchtop filters all filter out chemicals and sediments. Those who want to reduce chlorine and fluoride should always compare these types of water filters when looking at how a home water filter works.

However, it's critical to understand that filtering your water to remove harmful toxins and chemicals is only half the solution. The other half of the equation is alkalinity, which ensures that your water is not only sterile but also contains a balanced range of electrolyte minerals for optimal rehydration.

How does an alkaline water filter work?

Before investing in your alkaline water filtration system, you need to fully understand how an alkaline water filter works. By doing so, you can enjoy and appreciate its health, physical, and financial benefits even more.

Here’s how your typical alkaline water filter works:

  1. A sediment pre-filter filters out large dust, rust, and debris particles. To remove the smallest particles, some systems include a second sediment filter with even smaller pores.
  2. The water is filtered through an activated charcoal filter to remove chlorine and improve its smell and taste.
  3. By removing "hard" minerals, ion exchange resins soften the water.
  4. By passing water through a pressurised, semipermeable membrane, the RO membrane removes dangerous contaminants such as arsenic and pesticides. Clean water flows through, while contaminants are trapped on the other side.
  5. The water then passes through an activated carbon post-filter to polish and remove any remaining contaminants.
  6. Last but not least, the water goes through a remineralization phase that naturally alkalinizes it with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

If you’re just starting your alkaline water drinking journey and the thought of an entire alkaline water filtration system working for you seems overwhelming, you can also opt for a smaller, yet just as effective option - an alkaline water filter pitcher.

What about alkaline water filter pitchers and benchtop units?

Alkaline water pitchers are small but powerful, similar to simpler, micro-sized water systems. Most employ multiple stages of filtration, which include the following: :

  • To soften the water and remove "hard" minerals, ion exchange resins are used.
  • Tourmaline filter to charge the water with infrared energy and soften it further.
  • Mineralization filter to alkalise water with minerals such as calcium and magnesium
  • Activated carbon filter for chlorine and trace heavy metal removal

In some cases, additional filters and agents are added to these alkaline water filter pitchers to further increase their effectiveness and longevity. And if you’re looking for an alkaline water filter pitcher that can immediately work on its own, look no further - because Earths Water’s Alkaline Water Filters are here to save the day.


Installing your first alkaline water filter from Earths Water

What makes Earths Water’s  Alkaline Water Filters ideal for both newbies and long-time consumers of alkaline water is how low-maintenance it is. And an excellent proof of this is how easy it is to install. 

The method of installation of this alkaline water filter pitcher mostly revolves around minimal cleaning and assembling of its parts. It won’t take long before your body can finally enjoy the holistic benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Ready to start your switch to alkaline water?

Now that we’ve answered the question “How does an alkaline water filter work?” you can finally focus on how you can make drinking alkaline water a part of your daily routine. 

Fortunately, Earths Water’s high-quality alkaline water filters can be easily integrated into your everyday routine on a long-term basis. Furthermore, their flexibility when it comes to being integrated with other add-on products such as additional filters.

Find out more about alkaline water and how you can integrate it into your daily life by checking out Earths Water’s products here.